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i have a client who uses Entourage and iPhone both connected to exchange.

Recently he has had lots of emails going directly to the deleted items folder. He does have rrules set up to do this for certain senders but I have checked the criteria and the rules would not affect the mails that have been deleted.

Also, mails he has moved to other folders under 'inbox' have ended up in delted items too.

Is there anything other than a rule that could cause this behaviour?

Thanks, J.
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TimbobalobaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
then that is bizare. I would be lookinng very closely are the currents clients rules I'm sure you have already but make sure the client hasn't put in a rule like " delete everything from" instead of, "delete everything from"

Again, I'm sure you may have checked this already but there is no other real reason why it would automatically move to the deleted items folder.

To diagnose this better, remove all the rules entierly and see if that helps. other than that, all I can think of would be re-create the local profile (can't see it being the problem but I've had unusual problems before and this has helped) or log onto a different PC.

failing that, does the client see the emails come into the inbox then move the deleted items box? or does it just appear in the deleted items box?
3rd party Spam filters or Anti-Virus with built in Spam protection.......
jerryhattAuthor Commented:
We have 3rd party spam filters but they are cloud based and remove spam before it hits exchange, nothing running on server or local machine that filters mail.
jerryhattAuthor Commented:
Turned out was corrupted rule in entourage - only fixed by deleting all rules.
Thanks for your help.
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