Restore Exchange 2007 Calender

Hi every body

I need to restore ONLY a Users Calender from Exchange 2007

I have  retored the data base into recovery group, and its no problem for me to restore the full mailbox or merge it,

but i need the cmd (syntax) for powershell to restore only the user calender, no mails

Any one who can help please

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Restore-Mailbox -Identity usernameinexchange -RSGDatabase RecoverySGidentity -RSGMailbox "mailboxname in RSG" -IncludeFolders \Calendar --TargetFolder Recovered calander

Recovered Calender will be put in to "Recovered calander" folder in the mailbox
Hi johnfreak,

Have a look at IncludeFolders (calendar)

johnfreakAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot

It works perfect with the syntax
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