Trouble enumerating group membership with dsquery/get


I am trying to enumerate the users in several domain groups.  The groups contain nested groups, so I need to expand those as well.  The output that I need is the RDN of the user object, but I am running into two issues.

This is the command I am attempting to run:
dsquery group -name "GROUPNAME" | dsget group -members -expand | dsquery user -o rdn

It takes the command fine, but just comes back with a full domain list of everyone's RDN.

If I just run: dsquery group -name "GROUPNAME" | dsget group -members -expand, it works fine, but the output is the full DN.

The other issue I am running into is more minor, but the output of the dsget group -expand command also outputs the nested group name.  Is there anyway to omit this?

I know there are probably tools to handle this type of reporting, but I am interested in seeing it work in the native command line.

Thank you for any assistance!
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Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
Change it to be included in a for loop like below.

for /F %a in ('dsquery group -name "GROUPNAME" ^| dsget group -members -expand') do @dsquery user %a -o rdn
omnipower321Author Commented:
Thank you!  Running into some problems though.  I changed the final command to echo the variable (do @echo %a) and am coming up with the following:


It looks like as soon as it hits the backslash, it is halting because its an escape char.  

Is there a way to put it all into double quotes?

Thank you again, so close!
omnipower321Author Commented:
I realized that just may be my echo messing up, when I run the full line you sent I receive the following:

dsquery failed:No superior reference has been configured for the directory servi
ce. The directory service is therefore unable to issue referrals to objects outs
ide this forest.
omnipower321Author Commented:
Got it, it was the space.  I just got rid of the delims

for /F "delims="  %a in ('dsquery group -name "GROUPNAME" ^| dsget group -members -expand') do @dsquery user %a -o rdn

Works great!
omnipower321Author Commented:
Thanks again.
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