Why setup Centos , format HDD too slow (HDD 1.5TB)

I setup Centos 5.4 x64
But It format HDD too slow
First, I left it auto partitioned/format, It slow....
Then, I partitioned 1.5TB = (100MB boot, 500MB  swap, and only 10G for / , and freespace left) -> to sure that It not format free space left.

But it's the same, to slow.

I change other HDD 1.5TB, the same problem

How can I make it more faster?

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If you are formatting a 1,5TB disk, then it will be 15x slower then a 100G disk (if the disk is the same speed).
bxglxbxglx2000Author Commented:
I already setup Centos on VMWare, 100G VMDisk, It very fast, not too too slow like this (About 2h-3h)!
bxglxbxglx2000Author Commented:
But I partitioned ~10G onlyn for Boot+swap+/, and freespace left
I don't think Centos format free space?
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