sharepoint automatically insert version number?

I have someone that says they saw a sharepoint implementation where SharePoint automatically inserted the Version number in the document footer or elsewhere in the document.

Is this possible?  I've only seen/heard of Barcodes getting inserted into the printed version.

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Ivan PadabedDirector, Technology SolutionsCommented:
Sharepoint 2007 could promote its metadata from Document Library to document's properties. then just add that properties to document content from "insert object" on the Office app toolbar
crmsharepointAuthor Commented:
Greetings.  I can see the SP Meta Data in the Ribbon, but it doesn't show Version.

That being said.  If I do


it does insert the version.  *HOWEVER* the version doesn't update in the document body as I'm updating it over time.  It retains the version number in the body of the document that was there on SharePoint.

Is there a way to do this?  If so, it's an amazing win.  Most people either turn into "deer in the headlights" or overthink Version Control when I tell them about it.  If I could actually show them how it lets you update the document itself with the latest version so you have it imprinted on your printouts and not just a metadata column in ShaerPoint, then that would be a great win.

Has anybody done this?

crmsharepointAuthor Commented:
What I'm saying above, is yes Inserting the RevNum inserts the version number, but it isn't auto-updating.  Is there anything or any method that's autoupdating?
crmsharepointAuthor Commented:
BTW - in several years of dabbling in SharePoint, I've never once (that I know of) had a user get into actually restoring an old version from the version control area nor have I had to.  I'm sure it's happened somewhere, but the bottom line is that it's actual frequency of use never lives up to the hype it gets in initial demos.

*THAT BEING SAID*, if I can actually use version control to update the version number inside of the document body then we are on to something.  Is this possible?  No luck with the Insert->Quick Parts->RevNum method (since it isn't autoupdating).

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