How do I fix nameserver glue error using BIND

I recently cahnged ISPs at one of our locations.  Our secondary nameserver is there and I am not able to get the root servers to see the change.  I ran a dnsreport and saw the following error.

ERROR: Your nameservers report glue that is different from what the parent servers report. This will cause DNS servers to get confused; some may go to the IP provided by the parent servers, while others may get to the ones provided by your authoritative DNS servers. Problem record(s) are:

Parent server ( says A record is, but
authoritative DNS server ( says it is

We are our own DNS provider and I believe I have changed all the records that need to be changed, but the ns2 change will not seem to propagate.    Any thoughts?
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Chris DentConnect With a Mentor PowerShell DeveloperCommented:

If the parent is incorrect you will need to change it with your domain registrar, you won't be able to change glue on the parent directly.

DanRaposoAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the quick reply.  I didn't think  I had to change anything at the registrar because the only info I gave them was the hostnames of the name servers, since we run our our DNS zones I changed the ip address on our name servers and thought it would spread.   I have logged a request with go daddy already because I cannot find any reference on the site to update it myself.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

They take the host names, resolve them to IPs, then use the result as glue. If the name hadn't resolved they'd have asked you for an IP.

Generally there's no automatic update of glue at the parent. Hopefully they'll be able to change it for you pretty quickly.


Chris is correct.  If you log into your register, you shoddily be able to see your nameservers and IP addresses.  You need to update that record with them.

For instance, say this was  At your register (Dotster, GoDaddy, Network Solutions), they keep a record of nameserer IPs.  Log in and make sure at your register points to the new IP address.

All major registrars have a web interface where you can update these records.
DanRaposoAuthor Commented:
Finally found where it was listed at the domain registrar.  Thanks for your help.
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