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Hardware recommandation for Terminal Server

Hi Experts!
I need some advice regarding hardware purchase.
Situation today, is that we have 2 sites, and one of the sites connect to our db applicatin threw TS.
The server is a 2003 std. with 3 gb RAM.
Until recently there has only been approx 20 concurrent users connected via TS Sessions, and this has worked ok.
Now we are counting 40 + concurrent users, and increasing.
Our server is begging for mercy, and I guess this is due to lack of RAM or could it be other reasons.
I have ordered 1 gb  more, but after what I understand 4 GB i maximum RAM for windows 2003 std
It seams like we have plenty of diskspace.

Anyway we are discussing the possibility of purchasing a new dedicated TS server, and I was hoping that someone could give me some advice on a minimum configuration
for 60-70 concurrent sessions. The users will work in 4 different applications simultanously, that all are connected to our DB server.
Could someone please give me some advice?
1 Solution
TS have their optimum performance on 2GB~3GB ram so you would be much better adding a server then boosting the one you already have
Cláudio RodriguesCommented:
Ideally you do not want all your eggs in one basket. The idea of a single, more robust server to handle 60-70 concurrent users may look great on paper but I would not have a single box.
A typical dual cpu, quad-core box with 4GB RAM will handle normally 40-50 users. Of course this heavily depends on the applications you are using, settings on the server and so on.
I would get two boxes and load balance them. This way users would be spread out on the two boxes and in case one dies, at least you have one up and running to serve most of your users.
TS does work perfectly with 4GB and with more if using Enterprise instead of Standard (but always remember, a 32-bit OS has a limitation of 2GB, Shared, for the Kernel memory so you may run out of it before running out of RAM for apps/users).
If your application is compatible with 64-bit I would highly recommend going 64-bit. In this case the Kernel limitation is gone pretty much and you can use all the RAM you have (8GB, 16GB, etc).
But again, make sure you use two servers load balanced for redundancy purposes.

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP
gfk76Author Commented:
Thank you for youre advice

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