Jumping into Microsoft Visual Basic 2008

Finally making the jump to Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 from VB 6.0...any book/website suggestions or sage advice experts???  Thank you, I appreciate it.
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Keystone (keystonelearning.com) has a great learning program but it's pricey.  For reference, I like Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference (author Rod Stephens).  For learning, I have "Starting Out with VB 2008," (authors Gaddis & Irvine) but they probably have a 2010 version by now.

I would sugges ... practice / code / read .... Alot !
I prefer the "For Dummies" series.  (really!)
In my opinion, the main difference between an "ordinary" book and a "dummies" book, is that the dummies book does read like a comerical (as in... "Gee, this Microsoft product is wonderful and it will change life as you know it").  
Instead the Dummies books just cut to the chase and helps you answer your questions without having to put up with a lot of fluff.
I've always liked the "Step by Step' books.  I haven't used the Visual Basic one because I converted to C# when I left 6.0 but I feel like they give you a quick easy way to truck through the learning curve.  They come with code samples to work with for each chapter (so you don't have to re-type what is in the book and it gives you great hands on experience as you walk through each chapter).
MariaHaltAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I think this is the route I'll be taking.
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