How to make permanent changes to Adobe Acrobat Standard 8 Toolbars.

How do you make permanent changes to Adobe Acrobat Standard toolbars.   When adding the Comment and Markup toolbar to the Adobe desktop workspace, then modifying the toolbar to only have one button, the change sticks for a random period of time (a day or two), then the toolbar reverts back to the default configuration.  It does not matter if the toolbars are in a locked or unlocked status, or whether the modifications are made by using "customize toolbars" under the "tools" drop down menu, or simply right clicking on the toolbar and modifying it.  The change always reverts back to the default status.  
Windows XP SP3, Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.0.1
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redrumkevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DBLS Tech,

I believe this was addressed in the updates. Right now, the most current version is 8.1.7, but you must first go to 8.1.3, then to 8.1.6, then finally to 8.1.7

The download page is here:

Link to each file is here:
8.1.3 -
8.1.6 -
8.1.7 -

Hope this helps,
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