Run-time displays read-only message when starting up

I have an application written in Access 2007, subsequently converted to an accde, then packaged to be installed on client computers as a run-time object. When users open the database they see the following message at the top of the window:
"This database has been opened read-only. You can only change data in linked tables. To make design changes, save a copy of the database."
This leads to confusion and angst among the masses. I want this message to go away. Has anyone come up with a good method to do this?

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For me this error occurs when the user tries to open the database while it is still zipped.  Are their files zipped?
shambaladAuthor Commented:
The files are not zipped. The installation package used was the one provided by MS in their 2007 extensions module. This is an 'accdr' file. The users do not have the full version of Access 2007 installed on their computers. They have only the 'run-time' version of Access 2007 installed.
In that case, I don't think this is possible.  I did a little research to double check, and could not find any way around this.

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shambaladAuthor Commented:
I know this has been a problem with Access in the past. I was hoping that someone had come up with a good workaround over the years.
This is most annoying as it does nothing but confuse my non-technical users. I've got this app tightly locked down, and it leaves the impression that there may be a security hole (there isn't, but it looks flaky).
I completely agree.  I don't think it will change the answer, but try using the "Request Attention" button to see if a few more experts will chime in and have something different to say.
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