Trying to use PSEXEC to run a command on a 2003 server, but am getting access denied.

I'm trying to run a command remotely on a 2003 server using PSEXEC.  When I run the command I get an error saying that:

Couldn't access server1:
Access is denied

I also get this no matter which ps tool I try to use.  I tried something simple like PSLIST -m \\server1 and also get an access error.  

If I open the command prompt as a domain admin all the ps tools work against the 2003 server.  My question is, what permissions need to be assigned on the 2003 server to allow someone to run a remote command on it?  

I don't want to use the -u and -p parameters in PSEXEC because I don't want users seeing the clear text passwords nor do I want to worry about that password changing.  Thanks...
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PSExec uses the ADMIN$ share to install itself on the remote host, I would really think twice about allowing "any user" to run psexec against any of my hosts.

You could "schedule" a task, that will run with admin credentials, the task can be scheduled for a date way in the future ==> the end user can then right clik on the task and choose "run now" without needing to log in.  If any one changes the command it will ask them for the admin password.  You still need to be careful about how you use this approach - you may open up access to things that you hadn't thought about.

Hope this helps

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