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I am creating a *universal* Windows 7 ghost image for our corporation.  My question is, if we are not currently using Windows Deployment Services, is there a way for me to include all the drivers necessary for all our platforms, and reference this via sysprep as was the case in Windows XP?  I simply wish to ghost image this reference computer, and have it contain all the drivers necessary to work in a multi-platform environment without having to access a network share.  
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Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:

The Windows Automated Install Kit (WAIK) is a free download from Microsoft: 
There is now also a version for Windows 7: 
Have a look in the Articles forum for "Adventures with WinPE" to get additional information on how to set it up on various different media types.
And yes - you can add different drivers to the WinPE boot system, although if you choose to install WinPE on a USB drive and thus make it bootable, arguably you can have your images on there as well and not have to drag them over a network.  Therefore can make a useful tool for remote site working for your mobile technicians

Have you thought about the above ?

I would suggest download WAIK for windows 7, then creating a windows PE usb flash drive, you can add as many drivers as you like on the windows pe bootable disc / flash drive ; other benefits of this process are explained breifly on the link above.
Hope this helps

You can also use dism to service wim images and inject drivers directly into the wim files. 
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