Exchange 2007 - "buildtobuildupgrade" SP2 - unable to uninstall

I was just starting to setup Exchange 2007 and upgraded to SP2, which failed due to various services starting up in time.

I have now found an alternative hosted solution online and as I will only have 4 users it makes sense financially.

I have tried to uninstall Exchange using the Programs and Features route, but it reports an error due "build to buiild upgrade" and says I cannot use uninstall.   It does all the prerequisite checks ok but stops when actually uninstalling the mailbox role.

I am using Windows 2008 standard.

Any ideas how I unistall Excahnge 2007 ?

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dougal75Author Commented:
Just to close this off -  I ended up going through registry keys to remove MSexchange and the services entries.  Then deleted the MS Exchange files, then removed the Active Directory exchange entries.  All seems to working ok, but is obviously not as clean as it should be.
I suspect you may need to complete the SP2 upgrade before uninstalling and be aware that there are some prerequisite steps before uninstalling - see
dougal75Author Commented:

I can't complete the upgrade as there are a number of serviecs which don;t start up properly.  I have tried to fix them but with no success.   I couldn't install SP2 or uninstall.   I have managed to remove all but the mailbox and management console.  I then ran SP2 install again and it completes with no errors.  However I still can;t uninstall exchange.

I tried the things on the microsoft link as you suggested but still the same thing.

When I run the exchange mnmgt console and look at the server configuration it says there is no mailbox there.  

I think there is a registry or file log somewhere which is telling exchange setup that the mailbox role is in an upgrade state.  Any ideas ?

At this point you would probably have to contact Microsoft for support to clean up the registry problem as I don't believe there is a manual method for removing Exchange server.  I am assuming that a fresh operating system install is not an option.

Good luck!
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