Novell NDPS - Write fault occurred on the network

I'm  seeing a strange issue with NDPS printing. Users are getting random messages about a write fault occurring on the network.

There is no discernable pattern to it. Different pc's, printers, file types and sizes, subnets, etc. The only things common are, windows xp, the Netware client, and all the printers are HP. Although there are several models.

We're running Netware 6.5 sp7, and NDPS 3.02c. The NDPSGW.NLM and NDPSM.NLM are both dated 9/07.

So far, I haven't been able to find anything in the Novell knowledgebase or forums.

Any ideas?

Thank you
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mjkomisorwidenerAuthor Commented:
Turns out it was a network issue. One of the core switches had a questionable cpu blade.
It was functioning, but very slowly.

Replaced the blade and all seems well.

Thanks for your help.
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
I haven't been able to find anything specific on the "write fault occurring on the network" error, but as the print server is the only thing in common you want to concentrate on that.

- There have been a couple of updates on NDPS and iPrint, most notably Service Pack 8 for Netware 6.5, and updates of iPrint after that:

- Also you want to make sure that you have plenty of space on the volume where NDPS is spooling it's printer files
- Further make sure no virusscanner is scanning the spool directory
mjkomisorwidenerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the reply. Yesterday, I got some new information, and it's beginning to look like the problem is network related.

Our users are seeing slowness across the network, and particularly anything connected with the subnet that the print server is on.

I think the write fault error may be a symptom possbly not related to Netware.

I'll post more when I get it.
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
Yes, network problems definitely can cause all kinds of trouble. Let me know what you find out...
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