FILE Check-in and put problems

Hi all-

I've set up a development site for some outside consultants. We are having trouble with the source control system in Dreamweaver.

We are using WEBDAV for file sharing.. They have version 8 and I have CS3. Server is IIS on windows 2000.
We can
-Get the files and read them on our local directories. Check in Check out works on the local files.

We can't
-Put the file or check in or check out the file on the remote server
-No error message is returned when we put the file or check it in on the remote server
-Synchronization is the same. No error is returned and it returns a dialogue telling us "No synchronization is necesarry" although the files are clearly changed and the time stamps are different on the local and remote files.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
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Ummh so you can use WebDav to update the files or no?

Read about using WebDav

Then you can work out if the problem is squarely with Dreamweaver or not.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:

Is WebDav working normally outside of Dreamweaver (i.e. can folks manipulate the files if they use another method)?
Hi Jason-

As long as they are working on their own local files, its not a problem. I'm not allowing any other method other than WEBDAV to update the remote files. If I go onto the network share, I can manipulate the files with whatever..Notepad or another application. But through Dreamweaver, I'm only allowing WEBDAV.

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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
No, I'm asking if they can use WebDav outside of DW to copy a file to the remote location.  My first instinct here is the WebDav is not configured correctly and that's why DW is having trouble.  If you can use WebDav normally outside of DW to manipulate the files, then we can rule out misconfiguration.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Jason, Rovastar

I wasn't aware that there was anything to configure with WEBDAV. I looked at the article Rovastar sent me and it looks like it is for IIS 5 windows 2003. I DID learn that its automatically installed on windows 2000, unlike 2003. The artocle  has a bunch of useful information.. I may be able to glean enough from it to apply it to SERVER 2000.

Either that or I better find an older article for windows 2000..
Fixed! All I needed to do was turn on the WEBCLIENT service on the local machine. The article above answered the question... Thanks for everyone's input!
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