How do I tag a .NET script page with Google Analytics Tracking Tag?


We have a .net script page that serves as a "redirect" page for all links pointing to outside our site

For instance, if a visitor is on our site clicks on a link, they are taken to a .NET script page which then redirects them to the correct destination.

The format of the link is such:

We would like to track each click on this link somehow..

Is there a way to fire a Google Analytics tracking tag so that it registers each redirect through this .NET script page as a pageview in Analytics?

Thanks in advance!
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Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
HainKurtSr. System AnalystCommented:
just add some code to your visit.aspx to add a record to some table on your side before redirecting and you are fine... do your own report yourself ;)
fixyfoxyAuthor Commented:
Hmm.. really need a solution to be able to track the clicks on the link in Google Analytics...

Is there a way to get a script page to request another page in the background which has analytics installed and pass a parameter to it identifying the details of the link clicked so it will get reported in Analytics as a pageview?

HainKurtSr. System AnalystCommented:
sure if it is asp or page you can use this

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