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Im just in the process of upgrading our exchange 2000 to exchange 2007 on a new 2008 server, I have completed all prerequisites and have run a exchange readiness check and all is ready and good for the installation, my confusion lays in, at the moment our 2000 exchange server is called mail and has a internal IP address of, I would like the new exchange 2007 to have this internal IP address to save on having to reconfigure our firewall, if I was to do this what problems would I face i.e. DNS etc or will it be easier and far less problematic to give my new server a new static IP address and new name
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Definitely give the new server a new name and new (perhaps temporary) IP address. This will allow you to keep both old and new servers online during the migration, preventing an email outage and allowing you to simply move the mailboxes between the two servers.

Email delivery can continue to the Exchange 2000 server, which can pass any mail for Exchange 2007 recipients to that server.

Once the mailboxes have been moved, leave the Exchange 2000 box running for a week or two. In doing so, all users will be redirected to the new Exchange Server name when they open Outlook.

Once you are happy all, or most, of the users have been migrated and the Exchange 2000 server can be removed, uninstall Exchange from the 2000 box and turn it off. You could now, if you wished, move the old IP to the new Exchange 2007 box, to prevent you needing to update your firewall rules.

Note that during your transition, Outlook Web Access on the 2000 box will not work for mailboxes on the 2007 server. Similarly, if the 2007 machine holds both the CAS and Mailbox roles, you cannot use OWA on the 2007 machine to talk to Exchange 2000 mailboxes.

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