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Team Foundation Server Source Control


I'm constantly having to merge file versions because someone checked out a file I was working on.  This seems to defeat the purpose of soure control, but in the meantime I have to work with this system.

What does it mean to "shelve" file changes?  Is there any way that the person who checked out my file can at least SEE what I've changed so they can avoid stepping on my toes?  What's the best way to deal with this problem?
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2 Solutions
Firstly, if you check out a file that don't want others to change (say that you are making a major change), you can lock this file.
On the other hand, VSTFS provide auto merge feature to solve your problem, for me own experiences, it always did good job and I just need to use the diff tool to double confirm the result, which is much easier than merge it myself.
About "shelve", it's a feature that let someone upload temporiary solution which wont change the code tree (so that he wont break the build). It's not helping in this case.
P.S. The others won't be able to SEE your changes until you check in your code.
NigelRocksAuthor Commented:
By "diff tool" you mean the "merge tool"?
I meant you can backup your change, then perform a Get, choose "Auto Merge". And then "Compare with the file on server" with the diff tool. Usually this is working while others are change different parts in the same file.
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