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Can I make these two subqueries into one?

select a.status_desc, a.dept_name, sku_count, fcr_count from
(select status_desc,
             count(distinct fpo_no || style || colour) sku_count
      from agi_016a_t1
      group by status_desc, dept_name) a
left join
(select status_desc,
              count(distinct fpo_no || style || colour) fcr_count
       from agi_016a_t1
       where fcr = 1  
       group by status_desc, dept_name) b on b.status_desc = a.status_desc and b.dept_name = a.dept_name;
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tigin44Connect With a Mentor Commented:
select a.status_desc, a.dept_name, COUNT(*) AS sku_count, SUM(CASE WHEN fcr = 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS fcr_count 
from agi_016a_t1
group by status_desc, dept_name

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orauserAuthor Commented:
Can adjust the temp table to contain distinct fpo/style/colour instead of doing it here
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