Windows 7, switch user and log in as administrator

How do I swicth user and log in as administrator?  Also, how do I elevate administrative account so it doesn't prompt me that I don't have sufficient provilage to run problem?
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If you click on the little forward pointing arrow on the Shutdown button of your Start Menu, one of the options should be Switch User.  You can adjust the User Account Control setting by typing in "User Account Control" in the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu, then click on the found item called Change User Account Control settings.
Right click the program you want to run and click "run as administrator" OR if you don't see the option press SHIFT and right click and then "run as administrator" .
if it's a command line program you can open command line as administrator using the instructions above - it can be found in ACCESSORIES  if now then create a shortcut and do the same.

Using user Administrator is not recommended and neither turning off UAC (user account control)
and that's because of the wide variety of viruses and malware that might make bad use of your privileges - in case  you will run into one of them someday.

To run a program as an administrator always without hassle,
right click on your program icon - select properties - select shortcut tab -
click on advanced  - and select 'run as administrator.
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