ESXi Backup Vmware best way ?

I am looking for a good way to backup ESXI server. I only have one server and a few Buffalo stations I could back it up to. I am looking for a way to do a FULL os backup not just the Virtual Machines . Any ideas would be great.
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ESXi itself really does not need to be backed up as it is easy to install again. Sure there a few settings, etc ... but they are easy to reconfigure... Of course for full VM backups, it is difficult for Free Editions of ESXi.
1) You can do full backups of the VM's using the Free FastSCP ( or a similar tool to copy the VM files while they are powered off.
2) The other option you could use the William's Lams' GhettoVCB script that will allow you to backup the VM's while they are running .
Hope this helps.
I can't really see a way of copying everything together, besides it could be messy to restore.

I would consider just using the backup tool from within the windows OS's on the esxi box and back up onto a physical server/workstation/NAS.

Put a backup folder on the server/workstation/NAS, and create a folder within the backup folder for each VM. Share the root backup folder.

Within each VM map a network drive to the corresponding folder on the server/workstation/NAS, specify for it to reconnect at logon.

Schedule a backup including the system state to run on each VM with the target of the mapped drive.

In the case of a VM failure, setup a new blank VM and restore from the backup.
As noted above, there is no need to backup ESXi. It literally (as you're probably aware) takes 10mins to do the OS install and another 3 mins to configure it.

As far as VM b/u's, I personally like/recommned VEEAM, but here is an article that you can read through and determine what best suites your environment/org:,289483,sid187_gci1373361,00.html#

I agree with everyone else. Some people would contend that even having the ESXI system installed to the hard disk is an avoidable point of failure. I know a lot of datacenters that just run it off of a flash drive. Regarding backup of the machines, I have had great success using as a scheduled task to an NFS store.
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All good enough thanks everyone !
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