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I am running Symantec Mail Security for SMTP on a SPAM server that receives, processes and then forwards inbound internet email onto my Exchange server.  Below is my scenario:

On Monday 1/4/2010, our external email was delivering pretty much on time. For example, if someone sent me an email time stamped on their end at 3:00PM, I'd receive it in my mailbox by 3:03PM.  Late Monday night, we had a drive fill up on our exchange server.  I manually purged some logs, freed up sapce, and email began flowing again internally and externally, albeit slowly externally.  Most of the day yesterday, external email was delayed @ 45 minutes.  I assumed this was just due to the issue we had Monday night into Tuesday morning and that the Spam server was just beusy processing all the inbound messages that had queued up.  Late Tuesday night, I sent my account a test email from my gmail acocunt and it came in @ 3 minutes after I sent it, and I received some other extarnal emails overnight that came in on tme. I thought the issue was working itself out, and the message queues must have had time overnight to catch up.  

Well, this morning, we're back to @ 45 minutes delay in receiving inbound email from the internet.  Any suggestions?  Chris-Dent...you've bailed me a few times...here's hoping you see this post as well :-)

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pgetchellConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I ended up having to disable Blocked Senders (Third Party Services) and mail began flowing at a normal rate again.
Start with ExBPA and see if it throws anyting.
Then you need to look at Queues, if there are mails stuck there...! As you have already pointed out that SPAM Box is processing mails, then you need to ensure that all mails ther are flushed , it is not a Exchange issue in that case.
You might want to increase the Capacity of the ASPam box
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
My experience of Symantec Mail Security is that I had it installed on every server I managed up until it started to screw up the servers, causing mail-flow problems and giving me massive headaches.
Since discovering Vamsoft ORF (www.vamsoft.com) on recommendation of Mestha, I have removed it from the majority of the servers I look after (1 preferred Symantec!) and now there are no mail-flow issues and I (and my customers) also get heaps less spam too.
My recommendation is to remove it completely and then see if your mail is still delayed.  If not, then  would recommend you trial Vamsoft for 30 days and see how a $239.00 4Mb package priced per server compares to one that installs with 400+Mb priced per user.  So far, I have not been in the least bit disappointed and all the servers with it on are no longer suffering mail-flow problems.
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pgetchellAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

I am fairly certain issue is with Symantec Mail Security. I have 2 exchange servers. Both of them have their inbound external email processed through our spam server, then off to each applicable mail server depending where the recipient mailbox resides. A test ran last night from my gmail account took 25 minutes to reach a mailbox on 2 seperate mail servers. Also, when I tracked the message via Symantec Mail center, it showed that the 2 emails were received by the spam server, but that they hadn't been delivered yet. Also, my SPAM server has a ton of SMSSMTP warnings and errors. The warnings are event ID 513 and the errors are event ID 514. The errors mention errors processing xml file in inbound\queue. I did receive an external email this morning that seemed to come in exactly on time. I did another test to my mailbox from my gmail acocunt right after and it arrived 8 minutes later. Certainly MUCH faster than yesterday...45 minutes or so.   Id 513 talks about RAM...our SPAM server only has 1GB of RAM...not much for a server processing that much email. I have case open with Symantec as well, but wondered if you all knew of any solutions I should try.

Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
I have nothign to add to what I have said earlier.  Probably best to see what Symantec come back with, but I would save settings, uninstall, reboot, install a Vamsoft trial and see how your mail-flow improves.
You can always revert back to Symantec and import your settings back if you need to.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Glad you got it sorted.  Symantec would have a head-start on this as they can jump onto your server.  Either way - good news you are sorted and let's hope it stays that way.
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