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static wrapper to a non static variable

The code belows runs perfectly and does the job. The only problem now is that I need it for multiple instances of MyClient.
The problem is that m_hLoginTimer and m_bLoginTimerRunning as well as m_hLoginSem are static.

I need them per instance of MyClient. Is there any solution to wrap a non static variable whithin  a static wrapper object ?

DWORD WINAPI MyClient::LoginTimerThread(LPVOID pv) 
   if (!m_hLoginTimer)
      m_hLoginTimer = CreateWaitableTimer(NULL, TRUE, NULL); 
   TcsClientTBW* pClient = (TcsClientTBW*) pv; // now you have sth. similar to 'this' to use 
   // Set timer to go off in 10 seconds. 
   LARGE_INTEGER li = { 0 }; 
   SetWaitableTimer(m_hLoginTimer, &li, 10000, TcsClientTBW::tbwLoginTimerProc, (PVOID)pClient, FALSE); 
   // Wait in an alertable state for the timer to go off. 
   while (pClient->m_bLoginTimerRunning)  
        SleepEx(INFINITE,           // Wait forever. 
               TRUE );             // IMPORTANT!!! The thread must be in an 
                                   // alertable state to process the APC.  
   ::ReleaseSemaphore(m_hLoginSem, 1, NULL); 
   return 0;

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1 Solution
Make the members non-static and then pass the instance of MyClient as void pointer to the thread func.

DWORD WINAPI MyClient::LoginTimerThread(LPVOID pv)
   MyClient * pmc = (MyClient*)pv;
   if (!pmc->m_hLoginTimer)

After that use always pmc-> to acess the non-static members.
If you change pv to also include the this pointer

struct ThreadVar
     MyClient* client;
     TcsClientTBW* tcs;

you can remove the static variables

change the lines

ThreadVar* pVar = (ThreadVar*) pv;

if (!pv->client->m_hLoginTimer)
      pv->client->m_hLoginTimer = CreateWaitableTimer(NULL, TRUE, NULL);

TcsClientTBW* pClient = pVar->tcs;

One way...

Also a Map of statics could be used


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