Old Gateway workstation with Server 2003 crashed.

Hi Experts,

  I have an old like 12yr old gateway workstation that had 2003 server installed for testing purposes. This system just hangs upon booting it up. It doesn't even let me go into bios, it just hangs as soon as i booted up and its making the memory count. can't get keyboard to work, can't get into bios and it doesn't go anywhere. I'm goign to throw it away but I just want to kow what can the problem possibly be? motherboard?
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L3370Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You could replace the keyboard and give that a try but given the evidence of other issues, such as not booting to OS, your main board is likely toast.
I don't want to speculate too much into your possible problems, but I can almost gauruntee that this computer's hardware specs were not up to snuff in the first place, so there are many possible fail points.

Does the keyboard light up at all? caps lock numlock lights... If not theres definitely a motherboard problem.
If so, does the boot up give you a keyboard error? You could try replacing the keyboard to try and get into bios or even boot to a CD.  from there you may be able to figure out a fix if its just a hard drive problem or system files becoming corrupt.

frankbustosAuthor Commented:
no keyboard lights. can't do anything. it just hangs there forever.
frankbustosAuthor Commented:
yeap it was the motherboard. I swap the drive to a similar system and it came up. thanks.
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