How to get stable LAN (workgroup only) printing solution for Mac OS X wireless, XPs wired/wireless? Possible at all?

DSL modem (business plan from major ISP)
D-Link DIR-825 Xtreme N dual band wireless/wired router; latest firmware,
Mac OS® X 10.5+  - wireless - internet ok, file sharing not needed ,
XP Pro SP3 desktop - wired - internet ok, file sharing not needed (for the time being as trying production-usage of cloud ),
XP Home SP3 desktop - wired - internet ok, file sharing not needed (for the time being),
XP home SP3 notbook - wireless - internet ok, file sharing not needed (for the time being),
USB Printer Brother MFC-240C, latest drivers (except maybe on Mac OS X - how/where to check that? It is confusing on Mac OS X to see stand-alone  (full) v. clinet-only printer utility/drivers),  Latest firmware

Printer-on-LAN configuration #1 (PoLC1): printer USB to XP Home desktop LAN wired
PoLC2:                                                    printer USB to router using SharePort utility of D-Link

Nightmare to get Mac wireless and XPs wired/wireles to print at all and/or stable on e.g. this Brother MFC-240C.

Of course it is ok in PoLC1 with only one other Xp Pro desktop LAN wired.

But, enter Mac OS X wireless - could not make it on PoLC1  (Macs instructions / help / 'wizard' useless/nonsense - maybe you know exact steps which will work for PoLC1?)

Tried PoLC2, hoping for D-Link printer-server-like-via-usb-on-router:
turned out to be UNBELIVABLE D-Loink HORROR and NONSENSE!
This is ridiculous from D-Link - either make it printer server or It is NOT printer server !
Not only printer jobs gets hanged after 2-3 succesful jobs, requiring router rebooting via router's admin web inerface - of course that business users get mad! -
but also nonsense of
- not supporting multiple users on XP been logged in (using 'Switch users" on Xp) although of course not using SahrePort utility at the same time
- problems with non-Admin Xp users
- ... etc .

Could you please recommend STABLE printing solution(s), which, when set up,
will work without glitches when
- PCs/noteboks will turn on/shut downs,
- overlapped print jobs submissions but in very modest load at all and thus modest overlapped / concurrent print load

Is it possible at all to get STABLE printing solutions for Mac OS X wireless,  XPs wired/wireles  in small business environment ?
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USB connected printers are not really intended to be networked.

Save yourself a lot of grief and get a Brother networkable laser printer (i.e., one that connects via its ethernet port). Connect it to your router by ethernet and Bob's your uncle. Everyone should be able to print both wired and wirelessly.  Networkable printers are no longer expensive - maybe $100 more than the comparable USB printer.


I have had great luck with a Brother 1270N (no longer made) which I bought at least 5 years ago and works great connected to my wireless router by ethernet. Works with wired/wireless Macs and PC's.
That all you have any money to spend?

Purchase a more robust printer with its own configurable network interface. Make sure said printer is compatible with PC/MAC.
Assign said printer a static IP address on your LAN.
Install drivers and add said printer to all of the workstations involved. With a load this small, I can't see needing a print-server anyway.

Maria1979Author Commented:
Thanks "strung",  "rharland2009".

"rharland2009"  wrote:  "do you have any money to spend?"
As hinted with my  "...  in small business environment ",  not much - say couple $100s .

So nowasking everybody:
Which networking printer only (laser, inkjet) or multi-function (MF) (inkjet), with networking capabilities described above by "strung",  "rharland2009",  can be recommended
- in the above price range
- as a best what-you-get/price  ratio

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It's over 200.00, but for 500.00ish you can have a HP 3005 that works well. I've been using it for a while with no problems. Fast, clean printing - IP connection with or without a print server - toner costs not unreasonable, etc.
Just my 2c.
The Brother HL6050DN looks good too:

I haven't used it, but have been very happy with my old Brother 1270N.
Maria1979Author Commented:
thanks both  ...
but, you noticed that Brother MFC is color printer, meaning we need color printer,
meaning lasers color (network enabled) are either out of reach or not justified investment at this point.
Or there is affordable solid color laser network enabled ?
Assuming answer to the above question is 'no',
the real question is:
Any ink jet color, network enabled via router etc (as suggested above), proven  stable from both
wireless mac and wired/wireless XPs (XPs' users not all in admin group) ?
There are several affordable networkable Brother colour printers here: as low as $299.
I have never tried it over wireless, but it should work the same as on a LAN. You have to share the printer from the Mac. In other words, connect the printer to the Mac and share it from there, then install bonjour on the windows computer and connect to the shared printer from the Mac. I have a step up like that in one of my networks and it works just fine. but again, I have never tried it over wireless and Lan. I would suggest connecting the Mac (if possible) temporarily to the Lan and share Lan to Lan computers, just to make sure that  you have all the configurations correct. Once you have it all setup and it works that way then move the Mac over to the wireless and test it out. I would first make sure that you set a static IP on the Mac, and depending on your configuration settings on your router the same IP should work wireless or wired. Here is a link to get you started:
Maria1979Author Commented:
thanks "Barron129" - but our situation is exactly opposite- wireless MacBook is as you may guess sales force mobile so can't have office printer attached to it  ...

but suggestion of first trying all-wired is of course applicable ...
Then I would use a print server for your existing printer. You just have to make sure the print server is compatiable with Mac. Here is an article that I found online
Maria1979Author Commented:
mac printing on win attached printer is still nightmare. So much for 'high-tech' 21 century ...
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