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Is there anyway to search a file of data pulling out certain information and posting it somewhere.  Then be able to click the posted data and it would take you back to where it was found in data.

I have a file with about 1100 Claims. Claim lines look like the follow:
I would want Marco to find CLM and to save claim # somewhere(1576797). Then I can go back and click on claim # and it would take me to where it was found in the file.

Is this possible in UntraEdit or Any other program?
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Have a look at this link:-


The key to good macro-writing is to think generically about what it is you want to do.  For instance, searching for CLM is fine, but when you have found CLM there is a temptation to move the cursor to the right one place then select 1576797 by moving the arrow key right that number of times.  The correct way to do it is to search for the terminator (* in your case) with Select switched on.  That way the claim number can be any number of digits long and it will still select the entire number.
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