User sending duplicate emails

Hi all,

Another minor issue we are having started yesterday:

When one of our users sends emails to an outside source, the addressee receives 2 emails instead of one.  This does not occur when he sends emails internally.  We use a smart host for our outgoing email with SBS 2003.  Also, as best I can tell so far he is only one with this problem.

Any ideas?

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sagetechitConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This problem resovled itself.  

My theory is that he had webmail open while sending emails through outlook and somehow it got confused and double sent the emails.  or it wasnt anything inside our network.
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Does the same Addressee2 receive email for all externally sent messages, or just when sent to Addressee1?

I would say that if nobody else is having the issue, but this one person...  it probably isn't an issue on your end.  It could be connectivity issues somewhere inbetween where some host isn't getting an ack in a timely manner, or an overloaded host somewhere.  It could even be related to misconfiguration... but like I said.. outside of your network.
It is very possible you have overlapped secuirty group that causes this problem. Check your security groups for that specific sender.  
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