Some Windows Services Keep Stopping..

I have a pc running XP Home with SP3 which since a failed installation of IE8 has suffered various problems. I've noticed that some services needed for XP keep shutting down even if I restart them again. This seems to affect the Cryptographic service, Windows Audio, Themes and no doubt quite a few others.

I am unable to install IE8 now because it needs the crypto service running and other things  I have tried such as running dial-a-fix seems to make no difference. I have also run SFC without success.

I am going to try a repair installation tomorrow but are there any other things I can try before that?
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David-HowardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A Repair is a viable option especially if you consider that there may be other OS issues that have yet to make themselves known.
XP Repair instructions.
A Repair is not designed to overwrite your user data. But you may want to take the precaution. Please note that a Repair will overwrite your Service Pack. You will need to reinstall your latest version (should be Service Pack 3) and some Hotfixes.  
Another quick test would be to log on as a different user and see if you encounter the same issues. If not, your other account/profile may be corrupted (or corrupting). My bet though is that something is failing within the OS.
I would try to scan the computer for spyware/malware/viruses via for instance
alfaroAuthor Commented:
A repair installation has restored everything to normal..
Regarding spyware, I had used various utilities such as combofix, spybot, etc to check the machine and found nothing..

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