Enable multipathing in Solaris 10 after Veritas Volume Manager has been installed and configured

I have a server that I am troubleshooting, but did not build.  It is connected to a SAN storage array and is utilizing Veritas Volume Manager.  Nothing out of the ordinary so far.  However, I have noticed that multipathing in Solaris was never enabled, therefore there are two paths to the storage LUNs.  Normally, one would enable multipathing early in the stages of building the server, but now that Veritas Volume Manager has already been installed and configured, accessing the storage from two paths, if I enable multipathing those two paths will change to one (as it should).  I am wondering if Veritas Volume Manager can handle this, or will it freak out in some way and have to be re-configured because it will change from two paths to one different path?  Does anyone have any experience with this?  I'd like to get an idea of just how destructive this will be before I do it.  Thanks.
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Hi shellghost,

Veritas Volume Manager will definitely have problem recognizing the diskgroups as the disk path has been changed, you will need to reconfigure the diskgroups to point to the DMP path instead of the physical path.
It can be quite complicated based on how the storage is accessed or rather how diskgroups are created on storage disks,
if you can backup the data and destroy the dgs and create new ones, this it can be quite simpler.
If vxvm can read the it's provate regions, it'll will know where the discs belong within its diskgroup.  I take it when you refer to multipathing, you mean sun multipathing rather than vxdmp.  Why not let vxdmp do it's stuff rather than use sun multipathing?
shellghostAuthor Commented:
Not a complete answer to the problem, but did provide useful information.
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