Network Identification Wizard in Server 2008

I am trying to join a Server 2008 machine as a domain member server to an old NT server (I know NT is dead, and I know this isn't supported, but I need to do it anyway). I have recently discovered that Vista machines throw the same errors unless you use the Network Identification Wizard...if you use this you don't even have to add the machine name manually to the NT domain (though you still have to tweak the NTLM policy).

My question is this...does the Network Identfication Wizard exist on Server 2008, and if so how can I invoke it via command line? I know that "rundll32 netplwiz.dll,NetAccWizRunDll" would do it for Server 2000, but that doesn't work for Server 2008 (or Vista for that matter). I'm hoping if there is a way to do this in Vista, it might also work for 2008.
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't.  The modifications to the NT domain can not be applied.
You are asking for trouble either now or down the road.
properties of computer/advanced settings/computer name is the likely location based on the windows7/vista pattern.
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