What Version of Java do you need for Blackberry Enterprise Server ???

I was getting MDS errors starting and stopping the services in the event viewer, so I researched and removed the 4+ versions of Java installed on the server, now I have no Java and i don't know what is the correct version for BES, can't seem to find the answer anywhere, my only alternative is to update to V5 or re-install existing version to get Java back.

with no java, the MDS services won't start, and my 50 blackberry users cannot access the internet on their devices...

now i am getting nasty errors in the event viewer with no java (BMDS, blackberry controller, etc.)

btw, im using exchange 2003 STD if that helps...all on the same server...

Ken HessertITAsked:
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Shekhar2coolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Install J2SE 5.0_11 and that should work.
Ken HessertITAuthor Commented:
thanks, i'll give it a try and post back!
Ken HessertITAuthor Commented:
I installed the java you suggested and still no good, but I can't reboot the server until tonight...
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Ken HessertITAuthor Commented:
you were right about the jvm.dll file, it was pointing to the version of java i removed, I corrected it by pointing it to the correct jre1.5.0_11 folder, but it still didnt fix the problem, so then i read further on the link you sent and i am missing the dom.jar file, but when i goto contol panel to repair BES, there is no option to repair, only remove, when i click on support information, there are no repair links, just text, another dead end....
You can uninstall and re-install and, as long as you don't delete the BESMgmt database, your users won't have to reactivate. That way you'll get the correct JRE version installed and running.
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