Printing monthly view in Outlook 2007

How would I print out the monthly view to show all appointments from each date? For example I have a calendar in monthly view that only shows 3 of the 5 appointments. When I print out for someone else it misses the last 2. I even tried to close the gap on the times just to hope that it would show all but does not. Any ideas? Thanks
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MYCUConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I just went into my calendar and created four additional appointments so that I would have five total. When I go to print preview I see the first three and then an arrow letting me know that there are more, but they are not showing. I then select File - Page Setup - Monthly Style and check "Only print Workdays". I then select the paper tab and select portrait instead of landscape and then select print preview. All five of my appointments show, with space for a couple of more (If I wanted to add them).
osxlaAuthor Commented:
Thats it. Thanks
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