How do I fix it so my Outlook 2003 Web Access users can modify a file in the public folder?

I am trying to find out why any user who logs in with Outlook Web Access can not modify files in the public folder. The file will open as "read only" and the user can not save any changes.
This problem even occurs if the person trying is the creator of the file or if they are an administrator.

This only occurs when the users is checking mail with Web Access. The same users CAN modify the same file in the public folder if they are checking mail with the desktop Outlook client.

I have adjusted the permissions on the public folder wide open and the problem still occurs.

Thanks for the help!

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Jamie McKillopConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:

What you are seeing is normal. It it not possible to open a document from OWA in edit mode. You need to save the document to your hard drive, edit the document, then copy the edited document back to the public folder, overwriting the old one.

What version of Exchange server are you using ?
Public Folders aren't working like it should on 2007, at least not for me.
You need to adjust the rights in Exchange System Manager, not in Outlook
JonrobinsonAuthor Commented:
I am using Exchange Server 2003 on a MS SBS SP2 server.

I did adjust the rights in Exchange System Manger. This allowed users to modify the files in the public folder from within Outlook it self. BUT, the users can NOT modify the files if they log in using Web Access.

JonrobinsonAuthor Commented:
Any more suggestions?
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