Word 2003 Crashes with Symantec Endpoint Protection


I've recently run into an issue where upon opening Word 2003, it immediately crashes.  Upon further review, I found that when I stop the Symantec rtvscan.exe service, the problem does not occur.  So, the Virus software is preventing something from occurring that needs to occur to get Word up and running.  My next step was to excludes folders from the File System Auto-Protect and found that even if I exclude the whole C drive, word will still not open with this service running.  However, Word will open if I run a winword /a.

Has anyone run into this problem or have an idea what to try next?

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MYCUConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If Word opens with the /a switch then you will want to troubleshoot the add-ins installed in Word.
whytee223Author Commented:
It is a fresh install that runs fine with all add-ins as long as the Symantec Endpoint Protection services is stopped.  I'm not sure how that points to a add-in issue.  To me, it points to the AV software not allowing something to occur, but I haven't been able to isolate what.
whytee223Author Commented:
The issue was fixed by deleting the normal.dot template.  It must have been corrupt.
Hi whytee223,

If your issue has been resolved, could you please close the question?

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