Small Business Server 2003 Domain Naming

What is the best naming convention to use with a Small Business Server 2003 domain?  Should I use the FQDN and use .local as internal and .com as external?  Is it okay if they are the same except for the extension or does it cause confusion?  In the old days of NT4 the internal netbios domain name was different from the FQDN used for DNS but since then I've done it both ways where the internal Windows domain name was completely different from the external DNS domain name and I haven't noticed much difference.  Is there a recommended standard either way?  Thanks for your help.  
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Glen KnightCommented:
You can have them the same, i normally set them up as their internet domain name but the internal domain is a .local instead of a .com

If they have different extensions on then it removes the DNS confusion, but to be honest you can make the internal one whatever you want.

Just ensure you run through all the wizards on the to-do list and complete the external parts correctly and this will configure Exchange for you.
JDBTechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response and advice!  Just what I needed to know.
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