Help installing my wireless router WRT54GS

I installed my router with no security.
What should I install?  How do I install?
WPA Personal?
WPA Enterprise?
WPA2 Personal?
WPA2 Enterprise?

I'm not too literate on this.
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ping_itConnect With a Mentor Commented:

if you want the more secure for a home user, just use the WPA2 Personal.

You can use the Enterprise feature, but you need some external server that in a home office or small office there is not.

Please try
MBoyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's up to you to decide your security.  

I like to keep the security turned off and limit connections by MAC addrsses.  It's a pain to add a MAC address when somebody new wants to access our wireless network but it is foolproof security.
ping_itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What MBoy suggested it is possible,

but with just a little sniffer like wireshark, they can "listen" the air and see the allowed MAC addresses. The "illegal" user with an easy to find software can use a MAC address allowed for their network card and they can use your wireless.

With WEP it is really easy to hack your key and to use your internet connection (neighbours).
With WPA it is difficult, but possible.
With WPA2, it is pretty impossible nowadays...
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What software can spoof a MAC address?
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
WEP questions:
Is passphrase my desired password?,  what is key 1, key2, key 3?
What is/what do I set my default transmit key to?
What is default transmit key?
 Assuming I use WPA2.  What is WPA Shared key?
Yes, I'm a total newbie on wireless.  
BTW, I like the MAC address idea but I have an IPOD.  How would I allow my ipod to access my wireless using MAC address ?  How do I determine my IPOD's mac address?
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
OKAY!  I'm convnced.  How do I implement WPA2?
There's a field called:  WPA Algorithm.  Do I pick AES? or TKIP/AES?
There's a field called: WPA Shared key.  What do I do with this?  Is this my desired password field?
And what does Group Key renewal mean?
ping_itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MBoy:, you can do it with Wireshark with AIRPCAP and with CommView for Wifi :)

brothertruffle880: the more secure algorithm is AES.

Yes, the Shared key can be intended as a password. Group Key renewal is the time when the key is regenerated... but it's invisible to you... you can leave the default
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
Thanks to all.  Very useful comments!
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