Belkin router cannot pass VPN

Having issues accessing Cisco ipsec VPN from my Win7 64bit laptop.
Desktop running Ubuntu connects fine - no issues
Both desktop and laptop hard wired to Belkin Wireless G router.
I'm using Shrew VPN client on laptop to try and connect to Cisco VPN (no 64bit support for Cisco client)

While hardwired to Belkin - my laptop cannot connect to VPN - negotiation timeout error.
If i use my Verizon Wireless WAN card in the laptop i can connect fine to the VPN.

It's not the Belkin becasue my desktop can connect.
It's not the Shrew vpn client because it works using my Verizon card.

Gonna go home tonight and try resetting the router to factory defaults and starting over again.
Any other ideas??

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ururuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most likely your belkin router is not compatible with VPN Passthru.
SOHO Nat Router often are incompatible.
Try to configure the access not in "native IPSEC" but in NAT-T ( Nat Traversal mode ) over TCP or over UDP.
This can require configuration on both VPN server and client.

PS: this info is valid for cisco client, never used your client but ill'try it.

Be aware that with recent release of ASA OS they put at work a lite version of Anyconnect (whitout most of ssl crap ) that with 100 bucks you can buy an unlimited license, with all the benefit of an ssl access ( no firewall config on most environment ) and nearly no issues.
TBK-ConsultingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
make sure there are no rules blocking outgoing routing ... not to mention the Belkin's give problems all over the place anyways ... I'd switch to a netgear or a linksys router ...
javajoAuthor Commented:
Yea..i know.  I usually use Linksys too.
At this point i'm able to work using my Linux desktop but I'd really like to know why the Win7 laptop is giving me issues.
Vaidas911Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure you have PPTP and IpSec passthrough enabled, and maybe you will find an option to enable GRE Protocol 47. All these are used to support VPN connections depending on configuration.
javajoAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys -

I actually did find my old Linksys router and am no longer having issues.

I also upgraded my work firewall to support Anyconnect.

Thanks again guys
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