Problems connection to computer at work - using VPN and Remote Desktop Viewer on Linux Fedora 12

First some background info:
At my house I have 2 pcs. One "ordinary" pc and one laptop. Both are connected to internet through a router.
The "ordinary" pc is running win xp sp3 and connected to the router with "wire".
The laptop pc is running Linux Fedora 12, and has got a wireless connection to the router.
With the ordinary pc there is no problem establishing a vpn connection, and then connecting to my work pc using remote desktop.
A few days ago i installed Linux Fedora 12 on my laptop, just to test how it is to use linux. It went fine. Connecting to the internet also runs smooth.  But with the laptop i cant get remote desktop to work.  
I DO get to establish a vpn connection without any problem. ( It seems like so at least, since the network-icon on the top of the screen "says" im connected with VPN. ) The problem is when i want to connect to my work pc through a remote desktop program.  The program that came installed with Fedora 12 is "Remote Desktop Viewer".
In the about field of the program it says:
"Remote Desktop Viewer 2.28.1   Vinagre is a remote desktop viewer for the GNOME Desktop".
When i try to get this to work, after establishing the vpn connection to the server, i hit the "Connect"-button. Then i get a new window where i get to choose:
"Protocol": The only option here is something called VNC, but it says i can access linux, windows and other machines with it, so i guess that one is ok?
Host: In this field i type the name of my computer at work, as i did on my win xp machine.
Then i hit the connect- button.    Then the pc tries to establish connection ( at least it seems like this is whats happening ) for 3-4 seconds, before i get an error message telling me:
"CONNECTION CLOSED - connection to the host "name here" was closed."    But, there is no explanation of why it was closed. This happens every time, and thats the status of this situation per now.
What am i doing wrong? Or, is there a better remote desktop-program to use than Vinagre for this purpose? In windows its straight forward establishing a remote desktop connection after the vpn is up and running. But, here im stuck.
I appreciate any help.
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Maggie SotteroCommented:
The remote desktop viewer in Linux is a VNC variant. You'll have to download something like rdesktop or something like it.
I also found the following here:
Gjermund72Author Commented:
Hello again :)
Thx for good help. It worked out fine now. I studied the link you mentioned, and got a lot of useful info there.
Since i have been told to use yum as install command in linux fedora, i started out with  opening a terminal windows, and typing "yum install rdesktop."
Then the download and install of the rdesktop program started.  Then i followed the instruction in the link you mentioned above.  Everything worked, and now i can connect smoothly to my pc at work also from my linux pc. Thanx again :)
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