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I have a a back end Exchange server 2003 that is running on 2003 OS. Every time I applied Microsoft Security patches for the last three years the server would resume normal service. Now in the last couple of months the server need to have the F1 prompt after the patches are applied in order for the server to continue to boot up. All the other two back end server are function fine, any clues?
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maco008Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is definitely hardware.  Check the monitor connection/mouse/keyboard.  Best is get in front of the server to check why it is prompting you to press F1.  It will show you what's the problem.  Last time Dell prompted me F1 because I removed all Local Disk coz I configured a boot to san without doing it on the server console.  Just removing it physically.
It doesn't sound like anything related to Exchange or patches, but a prompt that the hardware is giving you at boot to alert you to a possible problem. What is the message it gives when it says press F1 to continue?
Is it Windows or BIOS who asks for F1?
If it is BIOS, internal battery of the server can have run out of charge.
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juengaAuthor Commented:
I will have to ask the remote hands that goes and hits the F1, This is a Dell Power Edge 2300.
If needed, you can explain him/her that "BIOS" is the first screen seen when PC is just switched on, in the first 5 seconds, approx., usually a black screen with white letters, or a coloured screen with the manufacturers logo (Dell, in this case)
Maybe it's an unplugged keyboard or mouse device !
99% of this "F1" is that something triggers the bios and alerts you !
It usually says in your screen the reason (what cause the "F1" appear !!) !!
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