Both drives in RAID mirror have bad sectors HP ML150

Dear Experts,

I have HP ML150 with RAID mirroring setup. Unfortunately both 80GB drives have bad sectors and both drives need to be replaced.
I have never worked with RAID and could really use some help. I was also asked to get larger capacity drives then the ones that are currently used.. Can you please provide a step by step on how to do that /
is it possible to replace one of the drives at a time with a larger capacity drive and rebuild it ?

Thanks in advance.
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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
I am not familiar with HP E200 controller specifics, but this should help:
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Were the drives showing "bad sectors" in a diagnostic test?  or was the RAID controller's log indicating bad blocks?  If it was the controller, was it the same sectors being reported as bad on both disks?  If so, then run diagnostics on the drives - you may have a corrupt array.

As far as rebuilding drives one at a time, yes that will work, however, you will likely find that the space from the larger drives is not being utilized until you set up a new array with it in the controller or manipulate the array to "extend" into the new space.  Controllers differ in how they handle this, so mind the controller's capabilities.

There is also the possibility that if the drives truly have physically bad sectors, that they will not be able to rebuild a drive with complete data.  Make sure you have a backup while the data is accessible and prepare for the possibility that you will need to reinstall or restore.
technomicAuthor Commented:
I downloaded a trial of Symantec backup Exec System recovery and grabbed a backup.
if I purchased the two new drives and wanted to build the RAID array from scratch, how do I do that ?
I'm new to raid so any step by step would be great...

Thanks again.
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technomicAuthor Commented:
I boot into RAID using CTRL A, that brought up "Adaptec SATA Host Raid Controller#) Array Config Utility" there are not that many options. Unfortunately, I could only get a 160GB replacement drives and not the 80GB (as the original drives). How would I go about it ?
Should I power off the box, take one of the drives out, plug in the 160GB drive and turn it on ?
I'm not sure if I need to just plug in the 160GB as the third disc and then do something in the Adaptec or replace one of the bad ones with the new one and take it from there.
This HP link is somewhat helpful but it is for a different RAID controller...
I'm also grabbing an Acronis Image backup, skipping the bad sectors. Hopefully the bad sector are in empty space (wishfull thinking I guess)... if swapping out one drive and rebuild doesn't work, I may need to restore from Acronis backup and hope for the best. Luckily, I have the databases backed up, however rebuilding and configuring this particular server will be a pain...
technomicAuthor Commented:
I found the info on how to go about it. Drives of equal or greater capacity can be used in order to rebuild RAID1 or RAID10

In case somebody else stumbles into the same issue, below is the link to adaptec raid info, I'm also posting a portion of the article.

"Manual rebuild using Array Configuration Utility
Shut down the system and replace the failed drive with a new one (of equal or greater capacity). Boot the system, press Ctrl + A to access the BIOS / Configuration Utility of the HostRAID controller. Select "Array Configuration Utility". From the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) menu select "Manage Arrays". From the List of Arrays, select the array you want to rebuild. Press Ctrl + R to rebuild. Wait for the rebuild to be finished.
Note: This procedure is not available with the Adaptec SATA RAID 1210SA.

"Manual rebuild using Command Line Utility
Shut down the system and replace the failed drive with a new one (of equal or greater capacity). Boot into the operating system and start the Command Line Utility HRCONF. Use the HRCONF command "setstate" to rebuild the array.
See the Command Line Utility User's Guide or the HRCONF online help for further information.

"Rebuild using Adaptec Storage Manager
Shut down the system and replace the failed drive with a new one (of equal or greater capacity). Boot into the operating system and start the Adaptec Storage Manager. Right click on the new drive and make it a Hot Spare. The rebuild process should start automatically shortly.

I will try replacing one drive then rebuild and then the second drive and rebuild again, will post back with the results.

technomicAuthor Commented:
I was able to restore from the backup image. Rebuildinhg raid from the bad drive to the new larger drive, possibly due to the same fact that the source drive was bad. So, I removed both of the bad drives, inserted new drive in PORT0, restored the Acronis image onto that drive and resized the partition to the max. I then installed the second drive, created raid array and rebuilt. That seems to have worked.
Thank you for your help though.
what if i can't even create an image due to the "good" drive (i already remove the "bad" drive) having bad sectors?
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