MDaemon not collecting Domainpop mail

Hi all,
As the title says one of my clients has had a problem that started just before Christmas.

Around 18th Dec all external incoming mail stopped.
Outgoing mail is fine for a while then patchy
Internal mail is fine and stayed that way.
On the 29th incoming mail returns, with no changes to settings (for reasons I'll explain in a mo)
4th Jan incoming mail stops again.
Currently no incoming mail.

The reason why no changes were made to settings is that the client is with a fairly flakey web host that has in the past stopped their service for going over bandwidth quota (I say flaky as there is no telephone support, you have to email - see a problem there) and we were pursuing that as the source of the problem.

However the quotas have reset and the web host  co. have bumped the quota to 4x the previous, but the problem is still there.

I have noticed that from the clients server and from my own pc which is on a different network but using the same ISP it is impossible to ping the domain and that tracert bombs out. It is however possible to access their website via a browser.

The setup has been working for over a year and the webhost claim noting has changed their end and I know that nothing bar a few security hotfixes have changed on the server.

What really baffles me is how it went, came back  and then went again.

Any ideas of what I might try would be truly helpful as I am in the middle of a Mexican stand-off
with the ISP saying all is fine, as is the web-host, as are Alt-N

Many hopes and thanks

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Under the Queues menu there are options to Freeze different queues.  In the current version these are represented as ticks, plus you get a warning, but on an earlier version the selection of Freeze was indistinct, and that did catch me out once.  That shouldn't affect DomainPOP scheduling, but maybe so in a consequential way.
Look in the Domain POP tab of the activity logs.  This tells you everything that needs to be told about Mdaemon's handshake with the Mailbox Host.  In there you should be able to see Scheduled calls to the ISP to login to each mailbox in turn to pick up mail.  Is this happening?  Is the Password accepted?

Look back through the old logs and compare a time when things were working against times when they weren't working.  with DomainPOP it is important to make sure that mail is cleared down from the Host Mailbox otherwise, yes, you will eventually get quota problems.

Make sure you have logging switched on for DomainPOP, and make sure realtime activity is shown in the logging panel of your screen.

I see you are in GMT Time Zone.  Are you in UK?  If so why not talk to Zen Software who market Mdaemon in the UK.  Their tech staff have always come up with good solutions in the times I have needed to call them.  

Let us know the outcome of these tests.
K3ltikAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the prompt response mate.

I should have mentioned that there is nothing at all in the real time log, it is completely blank.

i will be getting onto Zen (actually I was given the number of Alt-N)  in the UK)tomorrow, it was only as I am on the road quite a bit and don't really want to call the UK from Ireland on a mobile, that and the fact that as a long time member  here (finding most answers without asking - which is great) I thought I'd throw it out there.

Thanks again for the suggestions.
If the real-time log is blank then perhaps it is not switched on.  Go into the Logging Settings and turn it on.  What about the logs themselves, which you will find in the \Mdaemon\Logs folder?  I always set the logs to go to separate files, a new series of logs for each new date - ideal for examining trends such as you are describing.

Another possibility is that the DomainPOP Scheduling has somehow been disabled.  

With Zen Software you will need a current support licence (which is inexpensive).  They will, if necessary, do a remote control of the Mail Server and go in and have a look.
K3ltikAuthor Commented:
Hi again,

The problem seems to be resolved (although after it "fixed" itself on the 29th Dec I am not sure it is permanent)

I checked all the logs as you suggested and all seemed in order.

Rooting though all the settings I found an option under Queues to reset Queue location, which in turn prompted a restart of MDaemon, once this had completed all the mail started flowing again.

Now I have never changed or adjusted any queue locations and I had done bot restarts of the software and the whole server so why this should fix the problem I must admit I don't know (which always worries me, as I hate to not understand why something worked) but as I say mail is now working.

I will leave it for 24 hours to be sure it keeps running and close out the question.

Thanks again for all the advice, I will happily give the points to you as you pointed me in the right direction .
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