New Dell's were down graded to XP as requested only they are x64 how can I get to a 32 bit OS

Ordered two new Dells at work, they needed to be XP.  I never saw that the down grade was x64 its too late to send them back.  One of hte software providers for this office would prefer at least one be 32 bit for his sql server that runs the program we purchased.  What is the best way to get this one  to the 32 bit OS.  Thanks
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A x64 bit OS would not have any trouble running 32-bit programs, that should be just fine to install and use as it is.
There are inherent differences in the architechture of 64 and 32 bit OS's.  You can either run your software in 32 bit mode (this may degrade performance) or get a 32 bit copy of win XP and install it on the machine(s) in question.  Unfortunately the versions are too different to just switch over to 32 bit OS.
Here are some text to explain my comment:

I quote -
"Most programs designed for the 32-bit version of Windows will work on the 64-bit version of Windows. Notable exceptions are many antivirus programs.

Device drivers designed for 32-bit versions of Windows won't work on computers running a 64-bit version of Windows. If you're trying to install a printer or other device that only has 32-bit drivers available, it won't work correctly on a 64-bit version of Windows."
thomaspotatoAuthor Commented:
Talked with the software company again and they think it will work or at least they are willing to try.
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