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I am using Microsoft 2007 and would like to set up a folder using the term 'UE' in the criteria. I do not want to return any words with UE in them just all e-amils with UE in it and uppercase if possible.
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MYCUConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only thing I have found that may help is the Advanced Find option in Outlook. Here is an example...

I want to look for emails that have the word 'CU' in them. This word can be located in either the body of the email or in the subject. When I perform my search I DO NOT want it to return something like 'CUE'. I only want it to return 'CU'.

So, I go into Advanced Find and under the Messages tab I type in 'CU' in the Search for the word box. I then select subject field and message body in the next drop down box. I click on the Advanced tab and under field I select Frequently used fileds and select Subject. Under condition I select phrase matches and in Value I type in CU and then click Add to List. I do the same thing again but this time instead of selecting Subject I select Message. Now in the Find items that match these criteria box I have Subject and Message and both say phrase matches CU.

When I perform my search It brings up the following.... CU Plan, Moving from CU to CU.
It does not bring up things like... Cure for Cancer or CUTE PUPPIES.

Does this help.....or am I completely off base here?
So are you wanting to search for 'UE' in only the subject portion of an email? Your request is a little confusing in that you don't want it to return words with 'UE' in it, but just emails.....?
thenrichAuthor Commented:
Let me clarify I would like my seacrh folder to have all e-mails that have the term 'UE' in them subject or message-body. My problem is defining the criteria for the search folder to look for just 'UE' vs. returning an e-mail that has the word 'VUE'
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