Moving Backup Exec to another SQL server

Have been using BE 12 with MS SQL 2000 on a Win2003 server. Works well. Want to retire the SQL server and move BE to a SQL server 2005 Express. Have moved a couple of other applications without problems, but the BE client says "Backup Exec Services does not exist on <SQL-server name> when pointing to the new SQL.

Any ideas how to move BE?  Is a re-install the solution?
Olaf BerliAsked:
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Olaf BerliConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After reviewing all the suggested steps (from Symantec) to change from one SQL server to another (on the same server), a re-install was done. Error message mentioned above was caused by a file in the BE from the old BE install that wasn't deleted. After doing this, the install was done, and BE is now up and running on the new SQL server (Express) instance.

Olaf BerliAuthor Commented:
Was a bit unclear....  Physical (Win2003) server isn't changed. No version upgrade of BE. Only want to use a different SQL server (2005 Express instead of 2000 Standard).

Decided to un-install BE and do a re-install.

Seems, however, that there is an error message and a roll-back of the install. Error is: Error installing BE Services. Have found some documents at the same location as recommended above. Will hopefully solve it.

Final question: Is it ok to use an existing instance of SQL 2005 Express to use for BE?
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