Win 7 Blu-Ray DVD drive installation failure

I have a user who just purchased a new HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop Model dv6t-2000.  The DVD drive is identified in the Device Manager as "hp BDDVDRW CT21L".  The drive appears in Device Manager with the classic yellow icon and the properties list error code 39 as the reason for why Windows cannot successfully start or install the driver.  The drive does not appear at all in Windows explorer because it is not installed.

The Recovery Manager has been used to reinstall the hardware drivers but no driver appears for the DVD drive.

I have uninstalled the drive from Device Manager and restarted the system but the problem remains.

I have searched for another source for the correct driver and have found nothing.

The HP website doesn't even recognise the drive name.

As soon as the owner provides the OEM cds, I will attempt to reinstall the driver.

Any suggestions for how to fix this problem would be appreciated.
Joel RuthsTechnology ConsultantAsked:
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Error 39 is frequently a problem with the existence of "upper and lower filters" which renders the drive inoperable:;en-us;314060 

Getting rid of it in the registry is the fix.

Open regedit and find the following key:  
Right click in the upper and lower filter entries in these keys and press delete.
Reboot and check if it is OK now.  

Or download this and run it:

While in device manager, try right clicking on the drive and select "Update Driver Software...", allowing windows to search for it. See if it can find a suitable solution itself.

Joel RuthsTechnology ConsultantAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the suggestion but I tried that very early in the process.
Joel RuthsTechnology ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion. It turned out that the registry did not have an entry for UpperFilters present, but did have the entry for LowerFilters. After deleting this entry and restarting the system, access to the dvd drive was restored.  Also, as a point of reference, the MS article you cited suggests just using the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter to automatically correct the problem in Windows 7.  That does not work!  I followed the steps suggested for editing the registry in Windows Vista.  Thanks again and don't spend all your points in one place.
Thank you much.   : )

>> ...don't spend all your points in one place.

OK, Daddy.   ; D
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