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I Do not know much about flash, but I got put in a bad spot by a contracted programmer, and now i'm trying to make sure we received all the code before we pay him.

When I compile it and run it, every window opens.  See http://www.myphotostone.com/badcompile.jpg.

If you go to http://www.myphotostone.com, you will see what it should be like.

It seems to be written in CS2.  I've compiled it in Flash CS2 and CS3 with the same results.  I have tried every setting in the Publish Settings, but they don't fix the problem.

Is this a setting i have wrong?  I've been reading and looking for hours and can't figure it out.  If i open the previously compiled SWF file that's on the site right now in Flash Player it works fine.

Thank You in advance for your assistance!

On a side note - Thank You everyone that contributes to Experts Exchange.  The encyclopedia of knowledge here helps me out daily.

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when you compile are you getting any compile errors?
if you have a working swf I would imagine that the developer has given you the correct files or at least maybe there's just something missing. so before you start decompiling, rather check for compile time errors.

no, that wouldn't be due to a compiler setting.

the source files he gives you should compile to what you see online - or at the very least perform as expected when compiled and uploaded to your server.
matt_monacoAuthor Commented:
It's not running as expected.  If I upload it to the server I get the same issue.

If you want, I can decompile it and upload the FLA and project files so you can compare...  The ActionScript will look a little different (all variables become _loc1, _loc2, etc), and timeline script will get stuck in a class file.  Also, if it uses external swiffs those wouldn't be included, but if you think it'd be helpful, let me know.
matt_monacoAuthor Commented:
You are right - i was receiving a compile error because I was missing a class.  This made the program go crazy.

Thank You!
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