VMWare performance with workstations working with large media files

I would like an opinion from those who are specifically running VMWare and have workstation users accessing large media files. These files would be Flash, Indesign, photoshop, fireworks and large pdf. Has anyone experienced complaints about performance?
Richard SchilkeOnline Marketing and ITAsked:
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How big are the files ???
We access files > 70/100Mb in size through virtual machines, but our network is gigabit throughout. Not slow and in fact seems to be similar performance to our physical machines.
If you have a specific set of users experiencing this issue, maybe you could buy a cheap 3COM Gigabit hub (48 Port costs < £200) and plug your Users and Servers into those ...
Are the servers that they are getting their files from connected to a gigabit network?
How do they normally access the files? Local to the VM via dedicated data drive or tru network?
If via dedicated data drive, they should be stored on a dedicated LUN or drive for optimal performance
But if tru network, performance really depends on network bandwidth and load or how congested the network is
Richard SchilkeOnline Marketing and ITAuthor Commented:
We have a std. 10/100 IP network
How big is the network?
Richard SchilkeOnline Marketing and ITAuthor Commented:
We have <100 users and will be putting in a gigabit switch on that floor. Typically the file sizes will be no larger than 100mb. Thanks za!
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