Cisco SA 520W - VLAN > Multiple VLAN Subnets

I was working through setup of the SA 520W with the manual and notice that Networking > VLAN > Multiple VLAN Subnets menu option is not there.

The feature should enable me to add a DHCP server to service particular VLANs.

Have a missed a step someplace in my configuration or is this feature only on the SA 540 device?

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ITtelligentAuthor Commented:
upgrading the firmware to the latest (1.1.21) made the menu items appear.

this upgrade appears to be generally available (no cisco support contract required)
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:
please show us the config file!
ITtelligentAuthor Commented:
You are not you refering to the running-config are you?

this is the config exported out via the web interface, (hopefully santized enough)
ITtelligentAuthor Commented:
no one has any suggestions as to why the web interface is not as per the manual?
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