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Hi Guys

I know there plenty of webcast and tutorials on line
but i would like that explain in plain english what is windows server,
what is used for
when to use it
what are the most used features
how to install it, requirements

Please help, after this explanation i will be able to follow any tutorial
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A windows server has many features. You have a very complex setup (Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, VPN, Group Policy) or it can be used as a simple file sharing box where it just houses a bunch of files to be shared amongst a group of users. I would say the most feature used is Active Directory along with DNS. Your question really has many answers to it and would be several pages in length to answer each one of them. How about you tell us what your trying to accomplish and we can go from there.

Windows Server is basically just another Windows operating system like XP or Vista. The big difference is the software bundled with it. Windows Server 2003 and 2008 have several "server" programs such as IIS, Active Directory, DNS, WINS, Terminal Services, Print Server, etc., etc., which desktop operating systems don't have, and these additional services provide network management.

Faraz H. Khan
What a lazy bum... Sound's like you're trying to setup a company with no knowledge at all.

Well for a start.  Setup Active Directory with Group Policy - This is used for centralize authentication and administration.  Bottom line, you can control everything on your network.  This setup includes DHCP and DNS of course.

After you're done with network infrastructure.  Setup a file server and share it on your network.  Through Windows Server Active Directory (which is not available on client OSss), you can control who got access on what and how they should access it centrally in all computers.

Thirdly, IIS is for websites, and I'm guessing with your knowledge that you don't want to setup a website.

Fourth is email, you can set it up as a simple smtp server or some simple mail server, if you feel like working a bit, implement Exchange Server - it is a collaborative server that will help your company's collaboration.

Don't bother to ask the rest because there's a lot of things you can do, just imagine how many books you've on Windows Server, that's how vast the capabilities it can do.  Just know your company's needs first.
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titorober23Author Commented:
This is not that i am trying to set up a company with no knowledge.

I is about me trying to learn
the only way to learn is to ask question, there is no wrong question, but the one you don't ask.

I understand all this, i already knew this, but i would like to have a better understanding that will help me to go further,
what i need is a brief explanation of all the monst common features, maco008 gently explained some of them
so if you can list like
DNS, is used for.....
Terminal Server....
Active Directory......
and so and so

what are the minimun requirements
when is it imperative to use it?
what are the steps of the installation, what to configure first?

thanks a lot for your cooperation and patient
Darius GhassemCommented:
DNS is used for Name resolution which means if you type www.google.com it will resolve to an IP address This service is used for the internet and internal networks.

WINS is the same as DNS but it is for Netbios resolution which is not routeable so you can only use this in a internal network. This service is out dated and not used really anymore.

Terminal server will give you the ability to have multiple users to connect to the server to access a service or a application. Instead of installing an application on all user's computer you install them on this 1 TS server which allows them to Remote Desktop into the TS server and gain access to the app.

Active Directory is a authentication and rights system so when a user logs on to a computer it will authenticate againist the AD DB. Now once the user is logged on they can now access resources on the same AD domain without having to logon to multiple machines. MS recommends when you have 10 or more users you need to be on a domain I recommend this as well.

DHCP is a systems that leases IP addresses to clients so you don't have to statically configure each client.

Dependent on what verison of server you are using mininum requirmenets will change. Also, for TS server dependent on how many users and what applications will run on the TS server.

titorober23Author Commented:
what is a Domain Controller?

We would like to set up windows server, to give some volunteers the option to remote login to our software resources.
What do i need to have this in place? 1 server, 2 servers, what fetures we need to install?

thanks for your help
Darius GhassemCommented:
A Domain Controller is the server that controls a copy of the Active Directory DB. This server controls all Domain functions.

You would want to setup a Terminal Server for remote access to 1 server that has all of your software resources. Dependent on how many users will be connected at 1 time and how much of a load the applications have when running will tell you if you need 2 servers but usually 1 does the job. Explaining TS to great detail could confuse you should read over this product to get a better understanding.




For external users to access the TS server from an external address you would need to setup port forwarding on your router to port forward your external IP address that the users will connect to access then TS server to the internal IP address of the Terminal Server. Now going in detail for a service you want to use you should open another question so you can get an explanation on one service instead of a general answer.

Terminal Server can be sometimes a little pain to setup if you don't have much server experience but usually is easy.
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